Entry #7

Artwork update aka journal spam

2012-11-19 11:22:21 by Maszrum

Because one of fanarts I made- the Yoruichi one is popular I wanted to let you guys know that some time ago I re-done this piece. Edited the picture on NG recently so be sure to check new one. Though NG didn't want to update it I hope the new one shows (though the new tumbnail doesn't seem to show). That is all. I love every single one of you. Thanks for all the comments!

Check the updated art HERE


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2012-11-20 23:56:41

Sometimes it takes a while, but the thumbnail should update. I remember when you first posted that piece... you've done a remarkable job of giving it a background to match the subject.


2013-06-23 19:45:08

How have you been? Out of curiosity, I checked a few of your artworks on dA... are you still having trouble with your computer? If it reboots while you're working, it means something is wrong with the power supply. When you're not using the computer (while sleeping eating or working) unplug it from the outlet! I've encountered similar problems with emachine, Dell, and HP computers.


2014-02-20 07:29:17

Hey, what's new?