2012-11-15 23:05:02 by Maszrum

I've been seriously ill forever and had life being a total b*tch. If you had any business with me- I didn't ignore you, I wasn't here. Sorry but you'll have to contact me again. It's good to be back.


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2012-11-16 02:58:35

When I talk to people from other countries, they say they are amazed at how many sick people there are in America. What happened? Were you in hospital?

Maszrum responds:

Well, I'm from Europe. Lol. And I had backbone injury so I couldn't really move much. I guess my back was overworked and refused to work properly for some time. Luckily didn't have to stay in the hospital too much. I have some other issue too but it's nothing serious I hope and I have it under control now so I can roam around again. =)


2012-11-18 04:27:28

I'm very glad everything worked out. Our healthcare system is regulated, but it doesn't work. It breeds abuse in legal, insurance and business laws. As such, my back problems haven't been solved, and in fact made worse.
Be careful of how long you sit in one position, especially while drawing. I (We) really have try one of those weird chairs... the seat is at a 45 degree angle forward and has a rest for the front of your lower legs. It forces your spine not to slouch.
I'm sure if I had one of those bent handle shovels growing up, my back wouldn't be as worn out either. What kind of work did you do?
You have my respect for being such a hard worker, and a continually improving artist :3

Maszrum responds:

I don't have insurance atm so can't have public free health care we have here and can't really afford private health care so it's hard at times. I can't find a job so had to take temp works and they are various, sometimes physical and yeah- my back bone gave up after some time.
But I'm better which is good. Still can't find a job though, lol. Sucks.
Thank you very much! I really appreciate your words. =)


2012-11-19 00:39:16

I pray you get better as soon as possible.
Keep up the awesome art! :)

Maszrum responds:

Thank you!!! <3