Artwork update aka journal spam

2012-11-19 11:22:21 by Maszrum

Because one of fanarts I made- the Yoruichi one is popular I wanted to let you guys know that some time ago I re-done this piece. Edited the picture on NG recently so be sure to check new one. Though NG didn't want to update it I hope the new one shows (though the new tumbnail doesn't seem to show). That is all. I love every single one of you. Thanks for all the comments!

Check the updated art HERE


2012-11-15 23:05:02 by Maszrum

I've been seriously ill forever and had life being a total b*tch. If you had any business with me- I didn't ignore you, I wasn't here. Sorry but you'll have to contact me again. It's good to be back.


2012-02-17 14:29:48 by Maszrum

The site's look changed some time ago but I was too lazy to write anything. I love the new style it has that artsy gay shiny look but it's great. Loving the background images. I'm totally jelly of the amazing skills of those artists. Great job guys.

And I will try to finally upload some of my lame art as well when I'll fight off the hordes of laziness and procrastination.

Freaking werewolves

2011-10-01 10:56:00 by Maszrum

Heh...heh...heh....there is this freaking add for some retarded browser game about werewolves that goes off with sound all the freaking time driving me crazy. Mute button doesn't work. Can't watch shit when it shows up. Why those fucktards make adds with sounds. God fucking damn it.

On the other news there will be some more or less massive art upload as soon as i'll sort problems the site seems to give me.


Freaking werewolves

Long time

2011-01-10 08:04:22 by Maszrum

Omigosh. Have't been too active on the site for some time. Came back recently to waste some of my precious time on some games here. xD

There will be some amount of new art. Uploaded some already but there will be more cause I was pretty busy with also- Photoshopping.

Oh and yeah- I tend to forget to reply to comments so don't get discouraged by that.

And- I accept commissions. contact me on prive if you're interested.

Masz's out............


2010-05-09 12:00:30 by Maszrum

Thanks for all criticism, kind words, views and votes on the art I'm uploading here. Because I make also GFX stuff (like forum signatures) AND am now accepting commissions and requests...Check my deviantrArt gallery (or my art here but there are only digital drawings on Newgrounds) and if you like my style and would like me to make you something read the journal I posted on my page to get more details.

I also have to say that all of you people make definitelly TOO cool stuff cause I am wasting a lot of time browsing the older and newer submissions. And I totally love Newgrounds. ^^

P.S. If you don't like people advertising their dA pages here....well, it's your problem. I don't make flash but also want to promote myself like everyone else. So STFU. ^^

The Art?

2010-04-02 15:26:00 by Maszrum

I know Newgrounds site from some time but signed up a few days ago. I don' t do flash animations, make music nor create games. I make arworks using my Wacom Bamboo Tablet and Adobe Photoshop CS4. I hope you like my stuff. If you do- share it with people who may enjoy my works too- redirecting them here or to my deviantArt gallery site (set as a website here).

And if we're about that- if you reallllllly like something I made- you can make a request (on deviantArt I'd prefer but can be here too) and or for free or for few bucks I'll try to make something kick ass for you. ;)

Enjoy my works. If you have any advices- share. And thanks for all kind words. =)